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About Us

About Us

As a working professional in USA but a pure desi at heart one thing I always miss is to wear the cool desi design T-Shirts like I use to wear back In India when I was in college or in Early Days of my Office on casual days.

I still remember the first 2 T-shirts I bought from my first salary.

`Nothing is ILLEGAL until you get caught`

`Every 7 out of 5 people FAIL in Math`

When looking for these kind of T-shirts here in USA you hardly find any good options and if you find some designs they are not of good quality and very costly.  So to solve this problem I started looking into alternative and then collaborated with India's 2 Top T-Shirt brands WYO (Wear Your Opinion) & Punjabi Adda to get their quality and designs at affordable price here in USA.

With time we will add more Indian Clothing brands to our Shop.


- Team DesiWearShop